Women’s Empowerment Coaching and Men’s Empowerment Coaching in Perth and Joondalup

Women’s and Men’s Empowerment Coaching is about empowering, encouraging, supporting and challenging men and women to be more of who they truly are. Empowerment Coaching can be described as a guiding process in which you “the client”, are supported, encouraged, ”stretched”, nurtured and empowered to find the best within yourself and about yourself. Empowerment Coaching guides men and women through the process of understanding what it truly means to love themselves and care for themselves, so they can live the lives they’re destined for, the lives they desire, structuring their lives in a way that’s nourishing and supportive to them. This in turn allows them to be more of who they are as parents, partners, lovers, friends, employees, employers, mentors, teachers, brothers, sisters, children, executives, coaches, entrepreneurs, activists and members of society….whatever they are.

A women’s & men’s empowerment coach holds the energy and provides the nurturing space for you as the client to become aware of what it means for you to show up as you without judgment of yourself or anyone else. Your women’s empowerment coach encourages you to always strive to be in a place of total allowance or acceptance of everyone and everything because from that place, you then have choice as to how your life is to be. It is a place so powerful and so refreshing that you wonder why you haven’t been in that place before, or weren’t able to remain in that place for very long.

And so you may ask, why would someone choose women’s or men’s empowerment coaching? Well, imagine if you will…

A man or woman in love with life and all that life has to offer!
A woman who owns, celebrates and honours the wisdom, sensuality, and power of her own body!
A man who passionately lives the life he was born to live or now chooses to live!
A woman who sees the radiance in every woman, the strengths in every man and nurtures the potential in every child!
A man or woman who attracts love and depth because his or her heart would not tolerate anything less!
A woman who nourishes her body like she’s nourishing the Earth!
A man who protects and fights for that which he loves or believes in, using the true, divine definition of strength and power!
A woman who owns her real beauty and the courage it took to get there!
A man or woman who chooses and creates his or her own future, regardless of the past!
Imagine yourself as this woman! Imagine yourself as this man!

When a woman treats a man like a king and a man treats a woman like a queen, oh what a team they make. Would you like to co-create such a team? Women’s and men’s empowerment coaching for couples in Perth and Joondalup can encourage you both in the process of this co-creation.

We have now returned to the energy of the divine feminine and as women, and men, coming into our own, we are discovering our own true path and the ability to light up our lives. Sometimes though, this can be difficult, as we feel the emotional blocks, the financial stresses, the pressures from the society, and the physical limitations of our bodies, especially as we get older. But just what does living in the energy of the divine feminine actually mean and how can men, as well as women, do this?

Quite simply, with the help from your women’s empowerment coach, you will become aware that living in this divine feminine energy means manifesting a life of happiness through connection, intuition, feeling, receptivity, and openness in the heart and body. Living in this new, divine feminine energy does not mean denying the masculine energy or for men to be “feminine”. It simply means knowing our deeper gifts as a man or woman, and empowering one another by the giving of our gifts, including the gift of our true selves. In this, we recognise the beauty and individuality of every man and woman’s unique soul and legacy, and transform the world for each other….through each other.

At Creatively Divine Success Coaching – Women’s & Men’s Empowerment Coaching – we help you to know and discover that you deserve to have your own personal form of ecstasy: YOUR LIFE. We assist and encourage you to design your own blueprint for success in your work, your relationships, and in your world. Your empowerment coach is devoted in helping you turn effort into ease, and possibility into reality and they are dedicated to your true unfolding as the woman or man you long to be. Not by anybody else’s expectations, not by societal standards, but by what makes you truly happy, fulfilled and content – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Women’s and Men’s Empowerment Coaching looks at things as they truly are for you, what works for you, what doesn’t work for you, what you would like your life to be. Many men and women feel disempowered and they feel as though their life is not theirs but someone or something else’s. They feel as if they have given up their life for their job, partner, children, peers or societal group, all in an attempt to find some meaning in their lives. However, there’s always a sense that there’s something missing, left out, hidden or undiscovered.

Women’s & Men’s Empowerment coaching is designed to assist men and women to find that missing or undiscovered part within themselves or in their lives. We take each man or woman on a journey of self-discovery, self-empowerment and self-acknowledging to show him or her that he or she has always been and always will be far greater than he or she ever thought possible or allowed themselves to believe.

As heart-warmingly, “Disney Movie” and fluffy as all this may sound, women’s and men’s empowerment coaching is far from fluffy and “airy fairy”. It is very real, sometimes very raw and confronting but based firmly in honesty, reality and making this “stuff” work in the real, everyday world.

Sometimes i’ts easy to forget that we are good, decent, lovable and worthy and sometimes we just need someone to remind us of that and help us remember that. If you would like to understand more about yourself, discover your purpose, embrace your role as a man or woman in this ever changing and ever increasingly confusing world and finally step into who you are, then consider women’s & men’s empowerment coaching as a tool to do just that!

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