What is Life Coaching?

Quite simply, life coaching is a relationship between a coach and an individual that is aimed at providing personal empowerment, guidance and assistance in achieving goals or resolving issues.

Life Coaching begins with an awareness and belief that every human is born with the ability to be, do or have whatever they want in life and it is a holistic approach that looks at the present, setting goals for your future. Life coaching draws upon a variety of tools and techniques from other disciplines or modalities that may include, but not be limited to, sociology, psychology, positive adult development, NLP, the coaches other specialised training etc, with an aim towards helping you to identify and achieve personal goals.

Life coaching is a special, professional relationship between a suitably trained and qualified coach and a client – you. Each client and coaching situation is unique and we recognise, understand and celebrate this. At Creatively Divine Success Coaching, we will help you get from where you are in your life now, to where you want to be. Your coach is someone who supports you, motivates you, and holds you accountable to achieving your vision for yourself.

Whatever it is that you want in your life, your coach will help you achieve it. How? By working with you to help you get crystal clear on what you really what in and of your life, uncovering what is or may be holding you back from achieving your vision for yourself and then encouraging you to take action steps to achieve your vision by supporting you and keeping you accountable. Creatively Divine Success Coaching has its premise firmly rooted in the ethos of integrity, self-responsibility, accountability and ownership – for the company and the coaches who in turn expect and encourage the same for and of coaching clients.

When working with a life coach, people often find the outcome is that they are more focused on their objectives and achieve these faster than if they had worked without one. As your life coach, we are non-critical and non-judgmental and guide you to recognise your own vast personal potential in a way that can often be greater than the support of family or friends, whose views sometimes may be clouded by their own issues, problems and belief systems.

New Dimension Vitality – Creatively Divine Success Coaching Life Coaches are totally committed to you but always maintain an impartiality which allows us to clearly see the way forward and to encourage and monitor progress. We instil you with confidence and encourage your recognition or your inborn ability to move forward in a positive manner in the areas of your life where you desire change. We assist you to break down any barriers and release any outdated or negative belief systems which may prevent this change from happening thus allowing and creating the ideal environment for positive action, change and growth to naturally take place.

You can use the assistance of a life coach for many issues or challenges including such things as relationship struggles, stress management, alcohol issues and even weight management. However coaching has an almost endless possibilities for application!

If you are ready to embark on a journey of change, growth and personal fulfillment, then call New Dimension Vitality – Creatively Divine Success Coaching today on 0424 900 427 to discuss how life coaching may assist you.

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