Hypno-Coaching, as the name suggests, is a dynamic combination of Coaching and Hypnotherapy, however the hypnotherapy component of the coaching session is always optional. Basically, a Hypno-Coaching session is a coaching conversation that also includes (usually at the end), a hypnosis session to assist with removing any blocks or limitations, reframing any perceived challenges, programming new behaviours and reinforcing the coaching conversation.

Hypno-Coaching is a blend of hypnosis and coaching which enhances the regular coaching process by working very deeply with the subconscious mind, linking the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

To understand why this is important, we must explain that the subconscious mind is the part of our mind that we are not aware of, it controls our life and habits, its primary role is to protect us and keep us safe and it controls 90% of the brain. The conscious mind is what we know, it’s the part of our mind that we think with and try to make our decisions with and it controls only 10% of our brain. Ultimately the subconscious mind is in charge and dictates who we are and what we are able to accomplish.

So with that in mind, you can see now that coaching is a totally conscious method which supplies the tools to support, encourage, and guide individuals while hypnosis/hypnotherapy is a tool to directly engage the subconscious mind. Combining hypnosis (subconscious) and coaching (conscious) together in a Hypno-Coaching session allow you to accesses and engage 100% of your brain, propelling you toward success and accelerating the process of achieving your goals.

Hypno-Coaching is like having a personal trainer for the mind, for your life and your goals, whether they are personal, business, financial, spiritual or health (physical or emotional) and the results can be amazingly effective. This form of coaching utilises all of the usual coaching tools and methods and combines them with a variety of hypnotherapy techniques.

Hypno-Coaching can be used for the same goals as a “normal” coaching conversation and can assist in all the usual coaching categories – Life Coaching, Business/Corporate Coaching, Success Coaching, Women’s & Men’s Empowerment Coaching, Health & Wellness Coaching and Spiritual & Goddess Coaching. Simply put, if you can use coaching to assist, then Hypno-Coaching also applies.

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