A Professional Wellness Coach in Perth, Fremantle or Joondalup

Health and Wellness coaching with a qualified, passionate and dedicated health and wellness coach incorporates a highly effective and focused approach towards improving your health and wellbeing/wellness habits. This empowering approach involves coaching you towards achieving your personal, health, fitness and wellness goals. Firstly though it is important for you and your coach to identify and clarify what “health and wellness” actually mean to YOU.

Creatively Divine Success Coaching – Health and Wellness Coaching – provides health and wellness coaching services and programs that utilise all the basic coaching tools and techniques, with a focus on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle and empowers you with the motivation and tools you need to achieve your physical and emotional health and wellbeing goals. You are also encouraged to work on achieving balance in all areas of your life – a very important aspect that many other forms of coaching neglect.

So whether you wish to reach and maintain your ideal weight, increase your fitness or achieve a specific fitness or exercise goal, become more motivated, regain balance within your life, eat better, quit smoking, limit or cease your alcohol intake, reduce stress or manage a specific condition, your health coach or wellness coach can help. The aim of Health and Wellness Coaching is to leave you feeling inspired, confident and ready to take on the challenge by helping you to become aware of the steps for you to take and give you encouragement to reach your goals.

A health coach or wellness coach will help you make better general choices that fit within your lifestyle and ideals rather than making specific diet and exercise recommendations, with the focus on facilitation rather than prescription. This means that we help you discover the best fit for you given your definition of health and wellness rather than tell you what to do, be or think. This enables you to take responsibility, feel more confident and empowered as you experience small successes and ultimately achieve more significant change than perhaps you could have on your own. You are empowered to make choices, to direct your life towards your goals and gain the health and wellness you desire.

Health and wellness coaching closes the gap between what you say you want, or think you want, and what you actually do on a daily basis. A wellness coach or health coach helps you to overcome any resistance to change, remove or reframe any limiting beliefs you hold and neutralising self-sabotage patterns by using a step by step, structured approach, combining theory from coaching psychology, behaviour change, NLP, the GROW model, smart goal setting and positive psychology. A health coach or wellness coach will support you to determine what you want, why you want it, when you want it and what is holding you back from achieving this and together create a plan for action to achieve your goals.

Health and wellness coaching is not just for an individual to improve their own wellbeing. It can also assist in providing the missing ingredient that can move an individual, as an employee, toward a better and more balanced health and lifestyle, with more energy, greater confidence, and ultimately a higher level of productivity and efficiency in the workplace. In recent studies, it has been shown that despite growing awareness amongst the working population, of what is needed to create optimal health and wellness, employees are still struggling to achieve their goals (personally and/or professionally) and perform at the highest level.

An employee’s health habits have a direct impact on their productivity and a talented employee can often be held back from achieving their full potential in the workplace (as well as in their personal life) by poor lifestyle habits such as poor or inadequate diet or lack of exercise. Health and wellness coaching provides employees, intensive and highly effective, support to help them break through barriers and achieve their personal health and wellness goals. This directly benefits the individual employee personally and professionally and benefits and impacts the employer or company as a whole. A health coach or wellness coach can work with individuals or groups with similar goals and can also work with individual employees within a company or a group or team within a company.

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