Welcome, Sister Goddess, welcome!

You are not here by accident! You were guided here by the feelings and gentle nudges from your Inner Goddess – the inner knowing that you deserve more, that you can achieve more, and that you can be more.

Much like holistic and spiritual coaching and mentoring, Goddess coaching and mentoring is a process of spiritual unfolding that is holistic, embracing the body, emotions, mind, and spirit as well as looking at your life, environment and the world as a whole. The essence of goddess coaching is tuning into the spiritual journey – the goddess path – helping you to discover and embrace the magnificence of your true identity, and to bring spirit/goddess fully into form. Goddess coaching and mentoring and the definition of goddess itself, is as individual and unique as you are and your goddess coaching journey is a personal connection with divinity, with spirit, with goddess, in whatever way you determine that to be.

Before we venture too much further it is pertinent at this point to define who or what a goddess is?

There are many definitions of “Goddess”. To some, Goddess is the very power of feminine essence in the universe, both an expression of what is known about our human world, and a power far beyond our expression. To others, Goddess is a female deity with supernatural powers often associated with the earth, motherhood, fertility, love, vegetation, war, death, destruction, creation, healing, compassion and life. A goddess is traditionally worshiped and revered for certain qualities most often found in nature, said to be Divine in character or nature and therefore composed of the essence of the Supreme Being. And to others still, Goddess is woman who is greatly admired, especially for her beauty, a hot, classy, sexy, powerful and independent woman.

And so, where is the Goddess? Is she within or without? Is the goddess, is Divinity, immanent (within us) or transcendent (outside us). Perhaps it is both? The goddess path is within you, that is where she lives, even when you forget to look for her. All Goddesses are representative of the universal and truly cosmic female/feminine energy principle that revolves around the physical creation of nature and the process of life. Worshipped as such, the Goddess is symbolic of that most divine part within EACH of us – MALE or FEMALE!

A Modern Day Goddess is a woman passionately dedicated to opening to her inner truth, accepting her divinity, owning her power, speaking her truth, being true to who she is and sharing her unique gifts with the world.

Is it not easy to see now how infinitely divine you are?

A modern day goddess will have (or be working towards having) an assortment of energy raising and healing tools and a variety of channels to aid her journey toward conscious awareness. Being a Goddess and embracing the energy of the goddess in your everyday life is not passive, it is active, it is about honouring the goddess of the past whilst seeking new knowledge to augment your own spiritual path.

The concept of being a Goddess is often used fairly loosely and in today’s society is usually quite sexualised. While modern day goddesses are indeed, strong, capable, independent, sexy women, just as they were in ancient times when the Goddess was revered, embracing the goddess energy is not really about being “sexual”. However, as a concept and as an energy form, the goddess is still relevant to us as women today. Being a goddess is about serving your own unique purpose on the planet whilst embracing, highlighting, experiencing, revealing and integrating the qualities or energies of the goddesses of ancient mythology. And to do this you must reconnect with your intrinsic and ancient goddess energy – feel and know very deeply that you are a goddess and that you have goddess energy and that’s all there is to it!

Now, a little more insight into Goddess Coaching and Mentoring, a journey where you can introduce the more spiritual aspect of discovering and incorporating the goddess energy into your life or working on or creating your own personal goddess essence into your day to day reality.

Goddess coaching and mentoring empowers you with the tools of clarity, direction and confidence and the ability to tap into your potential to live your life – Goddess Style – whilst experiencing a transformation that takes your life, your relationships and your confidence to the next level. We all have the ability to attract the best in life, it is a skill and it can be learned. This goddess coaching and mentoring program will allow you to start living your life to your full potential while being the woman you were always meant to be – happy, loved, irresistible, confident, independent and in control. It will help you to remove the mental and emotional blocks that hold you back so you can start moving forward with your personal and/or professional goals to become more productive, balanced and excited about life again.

Other potential benefits of goddess coaching and mentoring include:

• Having more energy which results in increasing productivity and a sense of overall happiness.
• Achieving an increase in clarity and motivation to take action and a flow on effect of decreasing levels of stress.
• You may find that you have improved and increased confidence in daily decision making process and realising a new zest for life.
• You become aware of awesome little miracles reflecting the shifts in mindset you have created.
• Accepting your innate, infinite perfection – while not having an ego trip.
• Finding the ability and meeting the challenge of letting go of outdated belief systems and conditioned responses.
• Being courageous enough to delve into your personal, inner world to bring to light its deepest aspects.
• You feel comfortable and able to give yourself the gift of renewal and feeling great again.
• You find more meaning in your life and are able to get off the treadmill.
• You realise that other women DON’T have all the luck and you haven’t been left behind and you find or receive the assurance that it’s OK to want more, to be more than you are.

So, in simple words, things start making perfect sense, life feels less random and a new understanding of how you create your daily experiences is being established with Goddess Coaching and Mentoring from Creatively Divine Success Coaching. In fact, you now know that you can be the goddess that you were born to be, with just a little guidance by someone who has travelled the path before.

Goddess coaching and mentoring can take a much more spiritual path too if that’s what you desire. You can delve a little more deeply into goddess mythology, goddess spirituality and goddess archetypes and learn how to invite and embrace the goddess energy into your daily reality, possibly working with invocation, ritual, prayer or visualisation. You may choose to be mentored on working with Goddess energy to achieve all that you can while you are here, knowing and understanding that the Goddess has many facets, many names and many faces and knowing that she is the moon, she is the earth and she is the stars. Feeling this and investigating new forms of spirituality to add to, or substitute, more formal religious ideals and ideas, brings the confidence to create your own belief system. This is probably why the Goddess is still relevant today – so it’s time to really tap into that feminine energy and it’s time to heal. And Goddess Coaching and Mentoring may just the sacred tool you require.

Most of us can remember at least the basic storylines of the ancient mythology of gods and goddesses, perhaps from our history classes or perhaps even more recently from movies or television. In our wonder and amazement at these other worldly stories and beings, we are claiming our real inheritance, our rightful place as the successors to a mystical and magical world where miracles happen and nothing is impossible. As children perhaps, we related to and understood implicitly the various manifestations of these gods and goddesses – the exotic and radiant beauty, the ethereal nature or the unusual qualities that appeared beyond the reach and comprehension of mere mortals. We related to them with good reason, for these qualities are in reality a part of us all, that part from which we have separated, the part of us which is Divine – the part that possess God-like qualities. The Goddess is that part of us which is total and absolute perfection, right here, right now. So please understand that you are a human being having the evolutionary experience of being a woman in this lifetime and as such you are exactly and perfectly positioned for you individual destiny.

So, perhaps you are now at a point in your life where you are beginning to ask questions or make statements such as – what is this life all about, isn’t this just a woman’s lot in life, is there something better for me in life, shouldn’t I just be happy to get married and have kids, why aren’t I married with kids, what is all this “Goddess” stuff that I keep hearing people talk about, I feel intimidated or inferior when people talk about “Goddess Energy’ or being a “Goddess” because I don’t know anything, I don’t even feel particularly feminine or girly, do I have to believe in god or know anything about the goddess to learn more, isn’t this stuff just for women who hate men, I’m not a radical feminist or lesbian and don’t want to be, I’m not even sure I know what it means to be a woman in this day and age, so maybe this isn’t for me. If you have even momentarily entertained one of these thoughts or questions, then that is exactly the reason why goddess coaching and mentoring is a journey you should choose to embark upon.

Creatively Divine Success Coaching – Goddess Coaching and Mentoring – is a sacred guide for a woman on her journey of self-discovery, a guide for a woman who is trying to do her best in the world, to find her balance between textbook knowledge and intuition, to be confident in herself yet still humble and open, to live what she believes and still have time to accomplish what needs to get done, to teach what she knows and continue learning. At Creatively Divine Success Coaching – Goddess Coaching and Mentoring – our greatest passion is to bring light into the dark corners of your hearts and minds and help shift human consciousness into the vibration of universal love. We aim to empower you to discover the sacred wisdom, divine inspiration and empowering insights of the feminine energy, goddess energy. We encourage you to join or form a circle of spirit-led women, wise women from every walk of life who are heeding the calling of their soul and sharing their sacred truth with the intent to inspire and empower others on the journey.

Indulge us a little now as we share a few “Goddess” quotes:

“I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it” ~  Marilyn Monroe.

“When a woman has owned her passionate nature, allowing love to flood her heart, her thoughts grow wild and fierce and her juices flow. Her heart expands. She has thrown off crutch and compromise. She has glimpsed the enchanted kingdom, the vast and magical realms of the Goddess within her. Here all things are transformed.” ~ Marianne Williamson, A Woman’s Worth.

“To be a Goddess is to stand in the full knowledge of our inherent worthiness and in the presence of our full power.” ~ Christy Whitman

For many of you reading this, it will pique your interest with information that will connect with you and for others it will bring into question some of your beliefs. We acknowledge that you are all on different spiritual journeys and your own personal paths and trust that you are reading this page with an open mind and eager curiosity. If you are struggling to find inner peace, or simply want more out of life, we urge you to “always trust your gut” and if what you read feels right for you then connect with the energy of the goddess for the inspiration and wisdom you need to awaken your inner goddess and transform your life.

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