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Coaching aids in transforming thoughts in to goals, goals in to plans, plans in to actions and actions in to results. And Business and Corporate Coaching takes that premise a step further by linking an individual’s performance to the performance of the organisation and includes additional structure and focus. It achieves powerful results for both the individual within the organisation and the organisation as a whole.

Business and Corporate Coaching is a relationship, it is guidance, support and a challenge so that you can figure out what is in the way of creating the business you want, achieving the success you desire as an individual within a corporation or achieving the corporations goals.

Although Business and Corporate Coaching is often used when a business or company isn’t performing well, it is also extremely beneficial when it is successful, in order to build upon the success and take that to an even higher level.

Business coaching is about making improvements and changes, building on your current skills and assets, so that you and your business perform at a much higher level, continually growing. These areas of growth occur both on a personal level, in the way you manage and run your business and ultimately the profits you generate and success you achieve. Business coaching helps you to get the most out of your time, resources and investments.

One of the main roles of Business Coaching is to help you realise what you want to achieve, discover the best way to achieve your goals and provide support and encouragement along the way. Part of this process may involve identifying areas of lack of knowledge or skill, uncovering weakness, finding areas for improvement and shining a light on “holes” that may need plugging. The intention behind business coaching is always to make your business effective and competitive and for you as a business owner to feel successful. With the help of your business coach, you formulate a plan or strategy, identify the steps required and then you start taking these steps to achieve the targets you have for your business. Your coach will also help you to be accountable.

Managers and executives face daily pressure to perform at their very best and to encourage the same from their employees. Corporate Coaching works in the same way as sports coaching – enhancing the performance of an already talented individual, stretching the individual to achieve their ultimate best and thereby benefiting the entire team/organisation. An environment of personal responsibility and ownership for each individual is created and it addresses and explores the link between the essential elements for achieving outstanding personal performance whilst maintaining focus on the organisation’s goals.

Corporate coaching is about shifting the workplace environment from one where individuals receive direction from others (usually “the boss”) to an environment where individuals commit to doing things they care passionately about as well as those things they have been employed to do. The process encourages the development of personal leadership and responsibility throughout the organisation.

As obvious as it sounds, organisations are made up of individuals, and so Corporate Coaching is a collaborative process focusing on the developmental of the individual. It assists individuals and teams within an organisation to focus on possibilities and eliminate limitations. It helps people overcome obstacles to their success, including their attitudes, beliefs and behaviours and it encourages the individuals within an organisation to become a valuable and valued team member.

It is important to understand that skills and knowledge alone are not always enough to ensure outstanding performance. An individual’s motivating factors and personal focus need to be included in the “formula” and the demands or requirements of the organisation need to be clearly understood and incorporated. This will assist the individual, the team and the organisation to achieve success.

Business and Corporate Coaching can be engaged in many varied forms by an individual, a business owner or a corporation and corporations may engage a business coach for employees individually or for the team as a whole.

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