We have a wide range of services to cater for everyone!

Life Coaching

Life Coaching begins with an awareness and belief that every human is born with the ability to be, do or have whatever they want in life and it is a holistic approach that looks at the present, setting goals for your future. Life coaching draws upon a variety of tools and techniques from other disciplines or modalities that may include, but not be limited to, sociology, psychology, positive adult development, NLP, the coaches other specialised training etc, with an aim towards helping you to identify and achieve personal goals. Read more about our life coaching services!

Business Coaching

Coaching aids in transforming thoughts in to goals, goals in to plans, plans in to actions and actions in to results. And Business and Corporate Coaching takes that premise a step further by linking an individual’s performance to the performance of the organisation and includes additional structure and focus. It achieves powerful results for both the individual within the organisation and the organisation as a whole. Read more about business coaching!

Success Coaching

Success Coaching can support you in reaching and surpassing your goals and is a powerful relationship in which you work with your coach to improve the quality of your life. Success Coaching is extremely valuable when you seek to improve your life, move forward or change your career and your success coach will support and empower you to assume full responsibility for creating a fulfilling life, in whichever area you choose.Click here to read more.


Mentoring is seeking guidance and advice from someone with experience, success, knowledge or expertise in a field, skill, career, life stage or situation that you would like more success or knowledge in. This person or mentor may simply have skills, traits, characteristics or values that you admire and would like more exposure to or advice on how to emulate and possesses the wisdom only experience can provide.Click here to read more.

Goddess Coaching and Mentoring

You are not here by accident! You were guided here by the feelings and gentle nudges from your Inner Goddess – the inner knowing that you deserve more, that you can achieve more, and that you can be more.Click here to read more.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Health and Wellness coaching with a qualified, passionate and dedicated health and wellness coach incorporates a highly effective and focused approach towards improving your health and wellbeing/wellness habits. This empowering approach involves coaching you towards achieving your personal, health, fitness and wellness goals. Firstly though it is important for you and your coach to identify and clarify what “health and wellness” actually mean to YOU.Click here to read more.

Holistic and Spiritual Coaching and Mentoring

Almost everyone has heard of coaching and most people know that coaches help people to create and achieve goals in all areas of life. But you may not know much about holistic and spiritual coaches or holistic and spiritual coaching and mentoring! Click here to read more.

Women & Men’s Empowerment coaching

Women’s and Men’s Empowerment Coaching is about empowering, encouraging, supporting and challenging men and women to be more of who they truly are. Empowerment Coaching guides men and women through the process of understanding what it truly means to love themselves and care for themselves, so they can live the lives they’re destined for, the lives they desire, structuring their lives in a way that’s nourishing and supportive to them. This in turn allows them to be more of who they are as parents, partners, lovers, friends, employees, employers, mentors, teachers, brothers, sisters, children, executives, coaches, entrepreneurs, activists and members of society….whatever they are. Click here to read more.


Hypno-Coaching, as the name suggests, is a dynamic combination of Coaching and Hypnotherapy, however the hypnotherapy component of the coaching session is always optional. Basically, a Hypno-Coaching session is a coaching conversation that also includes (usually at the end), a hypnosis session to assist with removing any blocks or limitations, reframing any perceived challenges, programming new behaviours and reinforcing the coaching conversation.

Hypno-Coaching is a blend of hypnosis and coaching which enhances the regular coaching process by working very deeply with the subconscious mind, linking the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Click here to read more.

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