Simply put – Yes!

Therapy, (whether it be psychology, counselling, CBT, psychotherapy etc) is about working with clients to help them with their psychological and emotional issues. The focus is often on past history and how it relates to the client’s current situation and issues.

Coaching, on the other hand, could be likened to a partnership that is grounded in the present and focused on performance and forward movement.

The goal and agenda is always designed and decided upon by the client. Coaching is impartial and focuses on enhancing the client’s skills and improving their quality of life. A coach is a challenger, a supporter of the client’s vision, direction and ultimate goal with a keen interest to help the client move forward towards the decided upon specific goals. Assisting the client with the discovery process, awareness and choice is the most important role of the coach.

In general, the premise of coaching is that individuals or teams are capable of generating their own solutions, with the coach supplying supportive, discovery-based approaches and frameworks.

Coaching deals with the present and future and creating your future, not necessarily examining your past. Coaching is therapeutic, but it is not therapy! Counselling and psychotherapy usually entails working with the past as well as the present.

Some of the benefits of coaching include:

Increased self-awareness
Setting up and achieving health and wellness goals
Better goal setting (SMART goals)
Stress Reduction
Dealing effectively with change
Increased confidence and assertiveness
Deepened learning
More creativity
Promoting effective communication
Empowering relationships and individuals
More adaptability
Greater motivation
Re-evaluating or rearranging priorities
Clarifying and examining values and beliefs
Establishing hierarchy of values
Greater focus
Achieving more balance, fulfillment, and contentment in life
Enhanced performance – sport, business or personal
Improved productivity – sport, business or personal
Enhancing self esteem and self confidence

The benefits are as individual as you and are limitless.

Again, the reasons are as individual and limitless as you.

For instance, something might be at stake that requires addressing, you may be facing a challenge, a big stretch is being asked or required of a goal or an opportunity has been presented and it is urgent, time sensitive, undeniable or exciting.

You may feel as if there is a gap in knowledge, skills, confidence, or resources, you may have a desire to speed up results, or there is a need for a course modification in personal or professional life due to an obstacle or life change/event.

You may have uncovered a lack of clarity and conviction of what a rewarding and fulfilling life looks like and what choices can be made, Ineffective communication styles which is not supporting the achievement of one’s goals,

Your work and home life are out of balance, and this is creating unwanted consequences and unnecessary stress and you may just require some support to recognise and identify your core strengths and how best to leverage them.

Coaching is a practice with the aim of helping clients determine and achieve goals whether they be personal, business, spiritual or other. Coaching is not just about action and doing, it is also about growing and learning and is about being all you can be. It’s about evolving and becoming and enjoying the process.

Take a look at our “what is coaching” page for more reasons that someone may choose to work with a coach.

The length of a coaching partnership varies depending on the individuals or team’s needs and preferences.
Factors that may impact the length of time include: the types of goals, the ways individuals or teams like to work, the frequency of coaching conversations, and financial resources available to support coaching. Simply though, you can choose to have as few, or as many, coaching conversations as you would like or feel you require.

Coaching can be “done” in person in our office, over the phone or via skype – basically any way that suits you, your coach and your requirements.

It is relatively easy to measure the coaching process and the two main ways of doing so are through external and internal indicators.

External indicators – enhanced performance, achievement of the established goals etc

Internal indicators – changes in self awareness, a shift in perspective, increased confidence, assertiveness and emotional balance and fulfilment etc

Quite simply, yes! Coaching can work for everyone if they are willing to be accountable for their behaviours and intentions. Clients have to want to change, inside and out and be willing to follow that through by working diligently with their coach and being committed to the coaching process.

A coaching conversation is $150 per session. Please see our pricing page
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Our Fremantle office is open between 10.00am and 4.00pm Monday to Saturday and our Joondalup area office is open by appointment only. However, coaching conversations can take place anywhere, anytime that is mutually suitable to you and your coach.

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Holistic, Wholistic or even Whole-istic, simply means viewing and working with the whole person, body/mind/emotions/spirit, the whole situation, everything as a whole. It is important to look at a person, issue or situation individually and then look at the integration of the whole – looking at how something fits in an individual’s everyday life not just in a specific situation.

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